Since last October, I’ve had the pleasure of photographing more than 25 classes for the awesome people at Arizona Goat Yoga. In doing so, I’ve met some amazing people, created so many fun photographs and gotten to know the owners & goats pretty dang well. They’ve had their story featured around the world, and I’ve had photos featured in some pretty cool places ranging from Cosmo & Glamour, to ABC15 to LDSLiving. The trend of Goat Yoga exploded after people realized just how fun it really is, and now there are hundreds of classes being offered. None of them compare to the classes offered right here in Gilbert, AZ though. Here are 5 reasons Arizona Goat Yoga is the best Goat Yoga in the world!

Goat Yoga in Arizona

Arizona Goat Yoga is the best in the world!

1. The goats wear costumes!

Yes, every class. No, they don’t mind it at all. These goats are raised by a loving family, including 3 kids who treat them like their babies and often dress them up. They love to interact with people and getting costumes on means that they get more attention (and belly rubs) from people.

Goat Yoga in Arizona

These goats are ready to celebrate any holiday!


Goat Yoga in Arizona

Always be ready for a goat to jump up!


2. Its not serious Yoga.

The owners are well aware that 90% of the people who sign up for the class aren’t there to master Chaturanga Dandasana, they want to play with goats, take silly photos for Instagram and have a good time. But here’s the thing, its still a good workout! Many people who sign up have never taken a yoga class in their life, but after they are introduced to it with the goats, they like it and are open to taking a yoga class without goats. If you already practice yoga (or crossfit) though, the goats make for a fun challenge during poses and you’re encouraged to try something new!

Goat Yoga in Arizona

No prior skill is needed!


Goat Yoga in Arizona

Advanced Yogis taking it to the next level!

3. The location can’t be beat.

Located on a ranch with views of the San Tan Mountains, the Goat Yoga pasture is full of lush green grass and sometimes even have horses hanging out in the pastures nearby “supervising” the action. Plus, when the weather is too warm for daytime classes, Arizona Goat Yoga holds nighttime classes! And really, what other states can offer classes year-round? The weather from October to March guarantees a beautiful outdoor experience!

Goat Yoga in Arizona

The Welcome Home Ranch is a beautiful location for yoga in a pasture!


Goat Yoga in Arizona

Evening classes with themes like PJ Party or Sober Goat Rave are a hit!

4. You’ll laugh until your sides ache.

Its meant to be a party, full of laughter, smiles and excitement. The goats are trained to jump on people. And they love doing it! They’ll run across a line or circle of people over & over, hopping up while participants hold yoga poses. And, its the perfect activity for a date, a corporate/school activity, or just to get together with a group of friends!

Goat Yoga in Arizona

Young or Young at Heart, Date Night, or Singles Event. Perfect for everyone.


Goat Yoga in Arizona

Corporate bonding or friend activity!


Goat Yoga in Arizona

Guiness World Record Holders!

5. The owners are amazing!

April Gould, also known as the Goat Whisperer, owns and trains the goats in addition to training for and appearing on American Ninja Warrior. And Sarah Williams, owner of Desert Paddleboard, is a fitness instructor with 20 years of fitness & yoga experience who really should double as a stand up comedian in her off time. Together, they are unstoppable. Like Abbott & Costello with a herd of goats & fitness skills.

Sarah Williams Goat Yoga in Arizona

Sarah. Yogi, Fitness Instructor, Comedienne.

Goat Yoga in Arizona

April Gould. Ninja Warrior, Goat Whisperer.

BONUS Reason- Baby Goat Snuggles. Nuff said.

Goat Yoga in ArizonaGoat Yoga in Arizona

To join in on the fun, go to Arizona Goat Yoga and check out their class schedule. You can also follow along on Facebook & Instagram for fun Goat photos & event announcements!


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