There are really only 7 steps to a fun and awesome photo session experience with Kristen Carter Photography. As a professional photographer, my goal is to make your role as easy and as fun as possible! The steps are written as a guide for family photos, but also apply to children’s, maternity or high school senior photography. So grab some popcorn, and have fun learning about the KCP experience.

1. View my portfolio, if you haven’t already. Most people have an idea of what style they like, and whether or not I fit that style is the perfect first step. I tend to shoot for real emotion, capturing the silly candids as often as the posed smiles. My sessions can lean towards vintage in styling and processing, or I can stick to classic colors for a timeless appeal. What you won’t find are boring blank backgrounds, fake forced faces, or “awkward family photos”… You will find fun, lively and high quality photographic art to be cherished for years to come.

2. Contact me! Either via the “contact” button, or by calling me at 209-303-5318. Our first conversation will be about getting to know you! Who’s in your family? What special moment are we photographing? Am I available for the date you are thinking? (Keep in mind, I tend to schedule 1-2 months in advance, so call early to schedule the best dates!) Once we’ve spoken, I will email you with my full session guide that includes all session types and basic pricing information. We will also set up a complimentary pre-session consultation at this time.

3. The pre-session consultation! We will meet up for coffee/tea/cupcakes and go over everything in more detail. (If you are out of state, Skype is a great tool for us, although there’s no cupcakes…) This is the time that I find out exactly what you are looking to get out of your photos. Kids are always welcome at a consult, I’m happy to bring along coloring pages, and meet the littles of your family. We discuss clothing, styling, location (including whether the session will be at your home or on location) wall art, poses, pricing, collections and lots of other details to make each session truly unique and customized. I’ve found that these consults really put us on the same page to create beautiful art that you will love looking at day after day. I ask lots of questions about your family’s likes and hobbies, places you go, things that make your kids laugh, or any limitations/differences that a family member may have that we need to accommodate. It is also your chance to get to know me and ask any questions that you have.

4. Reserve your date. Once the consult is complete and we have selected a date/time/location, all clients fill out the portrait agreement form and pay the session fee. A date/time is not reserved without these 2 items. As I am a boutique photographer, I do not have a high volume of sessions and I focus my energy on each family’s session by only scheduling 2-3 sessions per week. By promptly remitting your session fee and agreement, you are reserving that specific date/time in my calendar.

5. The big day! On the date of your session/event, I will arrive 15-20 minutes early to your home or our location; setup any props or equipment, adjust lighting and prep for your arrival. Plan to arrive 5-10 minutes early so that the kids can settle in, meet me (if they haven’t yet) and get some of the sillies started! Depending on the mood when they hop out of the car, we will either jump right into photos if they are cheesy and yelling, “hey take my picture!” or warm up a little more if they’re shy and hiding behind your leg. I always follow the kids’ lead. My biggest advice for the day of the photos is to just relax and have fun. If you stress, they will stress. If you sit back, relax and just go with the flow, the kids will follow. Plus, the more fun we have, the better your photos will be. There’s always a mix of posed and candid shots in a session, and I WILL make a giant fool of myself if it means getting a real smile from a client. These are not school photos! We aim for real life! Approximately 45 min-1.5 hrs of shooting, we are wrapped; kids (and husbands) don’t often last much longer than that, lol.

6. Photo Premiere… Viewing and ordering your photos. At the end of your photo session, we will set a day for your big premiere! Your homework will be to go home, and think about which wall we are going to turn into your gallery, measure it and send me a photo (cell phone is ok). Usually 7-10 days after your session depending on your schedule, I will arrive at your home, bearing snacks and treats, plus my samples to show you what your art can look like. We will get comfy somewhere in your home, and I will show you a slideshow of your beautiful family. Then we will go through the images individually selecting your favorites and putting together a wall display or album to really show off your photos. I will have samples of professional prints, canvases, books and boutique items on hand for you to see/feel. To make things flexible, my portrait collections do not have set products, and instead offer you savings based on the size of your wall gallery or album purchase. I offer the awesome ability to take a photo of your walls and input various size prints/canvases to show you exactly what it will look like, taking away any guess work or apprehension you may have. All orders are finalized at this time, with full payment or payment plan arrangements being made before I leave your home.

7. Order & Delivery. I am hands on in every step of the process, including delivery of your purchased wall art. I will personally wrap and deliver your package to you within the timeframe discussed at your premiere, usually with a couple extra treats in the packaging. If there are products being shipped to out of town family, simply let me know and I will wrap them separately for easy shipping. My goal in this process is to make it as easy as possible for you!

Please feel free to email me with any additional questions that you may have about a session, or contact me today to schedule your consultation!


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