Contrary to popular belief, I don’t have a huge stash of newborn props. Lots of blankets, headbands, hats & a few baskets; but I prefer to keep photo sessions simple, focused on baby and instead incorporate props and items that have sentimental value to each family. This helps tell a story, and create an even stronger connection to your family’s photos. During our pre-session consultation, we’ll chat about some items that you can include and work together to style your session perfectly for your family. Want some inspiration on selecting items to include in your newborn session? And ideas on how to make it personal & unique? Here are 8 options…

1. Recreate a parent or sibling photo: These types of photos are fun to show the same pose with different generations of your family. Show me a photo of you or your spouse when you were a newborn and we can create a similar photo with your child. Or if you have another child and want us to use one of their newborn photos to recreate instead, that would work, too!

Newborn Photo with Family on Bed in Queen Creek AZ

Mom & Dad took a similar photo with big brother when he was a newborn, so we recreated the pose and added in the new family member.

2. Blankets: Blankets with sentimental value helps add interest and a story to the photo. For example, if it was quilted or crocheted by Nana then you’re helping add that sentimental touch and making Nana proud. Or maybe it was a blanket that you or your significant other used as a baby. Blankets also bring provide a wide variety of textures and colors, which adds both depth and visual appeal to your photograph and help your photographs coordinate with your nursery or home.

Sleeping newborn photography in Gilbert AZ

The quilt & crocheted blankets were made by 2 of her mom’s best friends, and made the perfect backdrop for her sweet sleepy face.

3. Something from Parents’ Childhood: I can also incorporate things from your childhood. For example: stuffed animals, clothes, your bassinet, dolls, a wagon, basket, blanket, etc. Try to find something that can be passed down to your child that meant something to you when you were younger.

4. Your House: Because I photograph your newborn in your home, this is going to probably add the most sentimental value to your images. This is the house that you brought your baby home to, the one where they first lived. This is the nursery you decorated for them. The possibilities are endless for us to incorporate your home into your photographs.

Sleeping baby on Piano, Newborn Photographer in Queen Creek AZ

Mom is a classically trained pianist and has 2 beautiful pianos in their home. Only fitting that we laid baby on one of them to show off their home and his small size.

5. Siblings’ Clothing: If you have another child and you have a favorite outfit that you used to put them him or her in when they were this size, this is a great time to bring that out and recreate some old memories.

6. Maternity photos: When we plan ahead, we can create “before” & “after” images of similar poses at your maternity  & newborn sessions for you to frame them side-by-side in your home or in an album. If you used an outfit or name blocks, ultrasound picture, etc., we can use those props again in these photos, too.

Maternity and Newborn Photos Before & After

Knowing what poses we photographed at her maternity session, we recreated a few for their newborn photos.

7. Wedding Rings: This is a classic (and timeless) photograph. Having your child hold your wedding rings in their little hands or placing them between their toes is a good way to incorporate your rings– which signify familial love and a strong bond — into the shot. Although this photo is somewhat common, it will be unique to you because they are your personal rings and they show the commitment and love that you and your spouse have for your family.

8. Occupations/Hobbies: This is probably the most requested way to add sentimental items to your photos. Maybe you or your spouse love your job and want to add something from it or one of your hobbies. Some examples are: dog tags, sports helmets, a baseball, guitar, football, briefcase, camera, jersey, or hat. Of course, I’m always open to your ideas, as well. Collaboration is an integral part of the creative process.

Football Newborn Photos in Gilbert AZ

Dad is a huge Eagles fan. We creatively used baby’s carseat cover as a base and then added his name to the football in Photoshop.

Newborn Photos with Guitars



To schedule a consultation and chat about incorporating props into your own newborn session, please use the “Contact” tab above!


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