When Danielle contacted me last year and asked if I took candid photos, including “2 year old tantrums or adolescent boy smirks”, I laughed and assured her that I was game for anything! She wanted a session that showed each of her kids’ personalities just as they were at that moment in their lives. Last year’s session was super fun, set in the desert and full of laughs & dirt/rock throwing, but that’s a story for another day. This year, we discussed a green space, somewhere open that the kids could run, be silly, and again, just be themselves. We settled on Freestone Park in Gilbert and after a last minute reschedule due to a crazy high temp of 95* on our original date, got together this past weekend to capture some amazing images! The water was sparkling, the sun was shimmering through the trees and their clothing fit the casual style of their session. Couldn’t be better! But I think the best part about this family is that they know that while I’ll direct them a little bit and pose here and there for what we call the “gramma photos” (you know, the ones that gramma loves? where everyone is lined up and looking at the camera smiling?), for the most part, we just have fun and play the entire session! Want to climb a tree? Sure. Feel like jumping across the bridge? Absolutely! Done with my requests and really just want to blow bubbles? Let’s do it and I’ll be ready to photograph it as it happens!

At our view & order appointment this morning, they decided to replace the gorgeous canvas storyboards that we created last year (and move those elsewhere in the house), and I couldn’t be more thrilled for them to look at these beautiful little faces up on the wall every day. It struck me as we were examining last year’s images just how much the kids have grown. Seeing their personalities from the previous session preserved for the last year and knowing how different they already are just cements how important it is to print and display your photos. The kids get to walk past these photos every day and see just how much they are loved and how flippin’ fun their family is!! And that’s pretty cool.

PS- I had a hard time narrowing it down for this post, so there’s a boatload of photos below! Enjoy!!

  • I LOVE them all. And like I said, the posed pictures are always nice but it’s the candid that evoke the memories of my sweet (and sometimes sassy) children. THANK YOU!

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