Makayla contacted me to schedule a session while her deployed boyfriend, Ryan, was home on leave. They’d had a crazy couple days visiting with family & friends, and trying to fit everyone in, that they hadn’t had much time to be alone together. We went out to the Riparian Preserve (one of my favorite spots in Gilbert, thanks to its ever changing natural beauty) and had most of the park to ourselves on a lovely AZ evening. It was definitely a warm one, but looking at these photos, Makayla & Ryan never showed a drop of sweat, they just dripped love instead, haha. The outfits Makayla chose were perfect combinations of young, vintage, & trendy; and complemented each other perfectly. I love when a plan comes together perfectly! As we created their photos, I found out that though they went to the same school, they didn’t actually meet there; and that Ryan will be deployed for only another few months and then returns stateside to be reunited with his sweetie.  The following slideshow was created so that Ryan can view their photos since he was already gone when Makayla & I sat down for their order appointment. I have a feeling she’s gonna cry watching it, since this is my surprise to her as well. I wish you both nothing but love, and a quick few months apart!

Some of the photos from the slideshow, but better quality!(Don’t forget, you can “Pin” any photo on my site to Pinterest for later viewing)

<3 Kristen

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