A new baby brings so much joy & love, and with a toddler in the house, more chaos! The Finn family of Mesa, AZ welcomed the addition of their son, making a family of 4! Big Sister is just a little over¬† a year older than baby and her world flipped upside down when he came home. I always tell parents that toddlers need time to adjust and with newborn sessions usually happening within the first 2 weeks of life, they aren’t always going to cooperate with us for the perfect family photos. Miss E was no different. She was used to being the center of attention, and now, she had baby brother taking some of that. When I arrive to a newborn photo session in my clients’ home, I always make sure to greet the older child or children, involving them in the process, and making sure that they are comfortable with me. This usually makes things so much easier later on in the session. We also go with the flow for posing; if big sister or brother won’t participate right away, I’ll take photos of baby alone, or baby with mom & dad individually. On the other hand, if the sibling(s) are ready to go and want to love on baby, then we jump right into family photos and sibling shots.
During our pre-session consultation, the family and I discussed the possibility of lifestyle photos for these instead of using the studio setup. It gives the toddler a little more freedom, plus tends to be more realistic in your memories of those first few precious days with a newborn. So, when Miss E really didn’t want to take pictures with baby brother (or even sit near him), we went with plan B and I’m so glad that we did! Family photos on the couch, where they hang out regularly, playing, laughing, jumping, and loving each other! A real lifestyle look into their family and this particular moment in time. Then, once little Miss was done with her photos, she got to have lunch and go down for a nap while I snuggled and wrapped her new baby brother. He was so smile-y!! (Whoever says that new babies only smile from gas is full of hot air themselves! I <3 big huge baby smiles!) Plus, I kinda have an obsession with baby toes, so you know, there are some photos of them as well.
The funniest moment though was when I felt something or someone bump up against my leg; I looked over expecting to see big sister hanging out (which happens), but no. It was the family dog. He loved how warm our space was, so he plopped himself on the edge of the blanket and watched as I took photos of the new baby! Looking forward to watching this little one grow over the next year, as he’s enrolled in my “Watch Me Grow” plan! Can’t wait!

<3 KC

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