Themed sessions are a ton of fun! My husband and I built this Hot Cocoa Stand the day before Thanksgiving and welcomed a bunch of fun families to be photographed with it over the holiday weekend. I’d been collecting the little details for weeks, stocking up on marshmallows, props and decor to finish off the theme and it all came together perfectly. While I can’t share most of the sessions since they are surprises for cards & Christmas gifts, the D family gave me permission to post their cuties! They had SO much fun together too! Big brother was obsessed with picking up marshmallows and filling his snowman cup or shoving his face in the basket and coming up with a mouthful, little brother was happy to play and run in the sunshine (and get his first taste of marshmallow goodness); plus, mom & dad played in the “snow”. (Even if the only “snow” we see in the Phoenix Valley is mashed potato flakes!!) Overall, we got some great photos for their cards & walls! Thanks again D family, I LOVE photographing your babies!

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