I had the pleasure of photographing the C family 2 years ago when their son was still a bump & then a baby. Now that they’re expecting baby #2 (a girl!), we got to do it again! We went to a simple location in Gilbert, with pretty golden light and lots of space for the boy to run and have fun. Mom was worried about taking photos with a toddler, since we hadn’t done photos since his newborn session. I gave her my quick “all will be well” speech let her know that there’s no controlling 2 year olds in sessions, I just follow their lead. We laughed, ran & jumped; had fun and created some beautiful photos for their walls.  I’m really excited to meet baby sister in a few weeks and get to help them plan out their wall display incorporating the new baby’s photos & big brother’s baby photos! Enjoy their slideshow & photos!

<3 KC

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