Mom emailed me and her opening line was, “My girls need updated photos and I love your photos, lighting, and backgrounds….you took casual photos at AZ Goat Yoga and I knew you fit with my kids.” Highest compliment I can get is someone seeing me doing my thing and deciding to trust me with their family’s portraits. During our pre-session consult I learned that it had been a few years since the girls had photos together, so it was important to capture who they each are at this stage in life as well as who they are to each other. Mom wanted casual, fun, and true to them. We decided on the Riparian Preserve in Gilbert as the location, which as luck had it was full of desert wildflowers and the forecast called for beautiful weather. What I love most about the Riparian Preserve is that there is such a variety of backgrounds to choose from. It varies from full desert with cactus, rocks and dirt, to a beautiful overgrown path with a waterfall and mini river. Plus, the landscape changes seasonally creating a unique setting for each family we take there. We started at the ever-popular “climbing tree” and wandered the trails and paths from there. These girls truly love each other, and enjoy each other’s company. There were no arguments, attitude or snark despite the age difference, just lots of hugs, smiles, laughter and a few silly faces. It was an enjoyable afternoon and we all left with huge smiles! At our order appointment, they had a hard time narrowing down their favorites and ended up selecting some wall art, a couple books and an absolutely breath-taking leather bound album that the family will cherish for generations. Enjoy this peek into a Sister Session set at the Riparian Preserve (because I couldn’t narrow it down for the blog post either)

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Since last October, I’ve had the pleasure of photographing more than 25 classes for the awesome people at Arizona Goat Yoga. In doing so, I’ve met some amazing people, created so many fun photographs and gotten to know the owners & goats pretty dang well. They’ve had their story featured around the world, and I’ve had photos featured in some pretty cool places ranging from Cosmo & Glamour, to ABC15 to LDSLiving. The trend of Goat Yoga exploded after people realized just how fun it really is, and now there are hundreds of classes being offered. None of them compare to the classes offered right here in Gilbert, AZ though. Here are 5 reasons Arizona Goat Yoga is the best Goat Yoga in the world!

Goat Yoga in Arizona

Arizona Goat Yoga is the best in the world!

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Miss M has grown into a spunky, busy & bright little girl over her first year! We knew that containing her in a studio setting for a cake smash just wouldn’t work, so her mama and I decided on an outdoor, summer themed Watermelon Smash! Set in her grandparents backyard, we gave her space to crawl/walk around, play and fully be herself. (With the pool nearby, full caution and safety measures were observed at all times) She hung out in the shade, wandered around the sidewalk, refused to touch grass (like shuddered at the thought of it actually), and we created some beautiful portraits. Then, we sliced up a personal sized watermelon to see what she thought about it! A little apprehensive at first, she soon figured out just how tasty a cold slice of melon is on a warm summer’s day. (It also doubles as a fancy hat!) Just as delicious as a cake smash, but unique to her Summer birthday. Her parents also wanted to use the photo session to make a HUGE announcement!! Scroll through the photos to see what Miss M had to say!

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Contrary to popular belief, I don’t have a huge stash of newborn props. Lots of blankets, headbands, hats & a few baskets; but I prefer to keep photo sessions simple, focused on baby and instead incorporate props and items that have sentimental value to each family. This helps tell a story, and create an even stronger connection to your family’s photos. During our pre-session consultation, we’ll chat about some items that you can include and work together to style your session perfectly for your family. Want some inspiration on selecting items to include in your newborn session? And ideas on how to make it personal & unique? Here are 8 options…

1. Recreate a parent or sibling photo: These types of photos are fun to show the same pose with different generations of your family. Show me a photo of you or your spouse when you were a newborn and we can create a similar photo with your child. Or if you have another child and want us to use one of their newborn photos to recreate instead, that would work, too!

Newborn Photo with Family on Bed in Queen Creek AZ

Mom & Dad took a similar photo with big brother when he was a newborn, so we recreated the pose and added in the new family member.

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Baby safety, child proofing and infant care are topics that parents research when expecting. Learning the safety ratings of baby gear, how to install a car seat, or whether the items they’ve received as gifts are listed on the recall list tend to be of great importance. Something that parents don’t think to research though is newborn safety at a photo session. Most parents assume that a professional photographer is a professional for a reason, knows what they’re doing and trusts them to be safe with their child during photos. Want to know a secret? There is no specific safety licensing requirement for newborn photographers. Anyone who picks up a camera, starts a Facebook page and calls themself a “Professional Newborn Photographer” can legally do so. Because of this, parents need to educate themselves a little on the photography process, and be prepared to ask the right questions when hiring a Newborn Photographer. Newborn Safety Photo Session Composite Retouching

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Candid kid photo with smiling twinsIf, like most children, yours hate sitting still for longer than 2.2 seconds or posing for the camera, have no worries or fears for your photo session. We will work together to get beautiful photos of your children or family. When kids don’t want to cooperate, sit & pose, we roll with it. It is my job to create situations where your child can relax and candidly bring out their personalities. Many times parents end up ordering the candid personality shots instead of the posed ones, but there are times that you want the “looking at the camera, smiling, true personality shining” photo. The one that makes you say, “Yes! This is my child, right here, right now.” read more

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When I started photographing classes for Arizona Goat Yoga, I did it because it was fun, outdoors and I get free goat snuggles. What I didn’t really realize was how many fun people I’d meet! These two lovebirds took a class, then contacted me a few weeks later to update their couple photos (with their 3 legged pup!) prior to their wedding this fall. She asked if we could go somewhere that didn’t look like AZ, a location with green, trees and reminiscent of him growing up on a farm. The amazing owners of the Goat Yoga field allowed us to use their property for photos and while we were there, their kids came outside with baby goats. So, of course, the triplet goats were snuggled in some photos too!! It was such a fun evening, and we created beautiful photos that this couple definitely won’t forget!!

Cute couple in Gilbert AZ field Engagement photos in Gilbert AZ Engagement session with dog in Gilbert AZ Adorable rescue Shitzhu in Gilbert AZ Engagement photos with baby goats and dog in Gilbert AZ Goat Yoga Engagement Session Gilbert AZ Save the Date Engagement Session Gilbert AZ

Over the years, I’ve had some entertaining and interesting sessions, but this one involving newborn baby goats may just take the cake. It was oddly adorable and I absolutely loved every minute of it. The goats are 2nd generation Yoga Goats from Arizona Goat Yoga, owned by April Gould and taught by Sarah Williams. These two ladies offer super fun yoga classes in a Gilbert AZ field while mini goats run around and play (and happily jump/pose on participants’ backs). It’s a yoga experience like no other. I first photographed a class for them a few months ago, and found out about the pregnant mamas. Now, the baby goats are here!! There were 4 born, including a set of twins. I packed up my newborn studio set up (using older props & headbands that have been retired from use on human babies), and headed to April’s farm in Gilbert. We set up in her living room the way I would for a regular baby session, including my posing bag, props, and hats! We joked that the kids were at school, and here we were dressing up baby goats in hats & tutus. read more

 Chandler AZ Newborn Photographer

When it comes to booking your newborn’s photography session, there are a lot of questions about the process. If your new little one isn’t here yet, it’s hard to figure out a schedule. When do you call? How do you know what day to request? Do you wait until the baby has arrived or take care of scheduling before? Hopefully, I can answer some of your questions with this post.

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I’ve been photographing this beautiful mama since she was pregnant with her first baby, and she’s just as gorgeous now as she was back then! In fact, the Patels were one of my first clients when I moved to Arizona almost 7 years ago. When we met, we clicked as though we’d known each other for years, and now, they’ve adopted me into the family and vice versa. The first time I saw Sapna post a photo on social media all dressed up, I drooled over the colors & styles of her traditional wear. read more

Moving At Home Photo Session Chandler AZ_0003When Erin messaged to say that they sold their house and were moving, my heart sank. My mind was racing… I’ve been this family’s photographer for over 3 years, capturing their moments from their first family photos in AZ with an infant, watching him grow, walk, become a big brother, little sister’s first 48 hours at the hospital, her newborn, baptism, & first year and all of the family moments in between (as you can see from their amazing photo wall)! They can’t be moving!! read more