Twins Baby Shower Photographer in Gilbert Arizona_0018

Rakesh & Avani are expecting twins (very soon)! Their lovely family & friends threw them a baby shower to welcome their son and daughter, and it was splendid! read more

Extended Family Photo in Power Ranch, Gilbert AZ

Its been years since these sisters and their mom have all been in the same place at the same time. So when they had an extended weekend together in Gilbert AZ, they took advantage of their precious time and scheduled a fun photo session! It was obvious during our session that despite the distance between them, the sisters are close. Lots of inside jokes, teasing and joking over who is “Moms favorite”. read more

Paint Fight Family Photos Gilbert AZ_0007

When sessions are a collaboration between the photographer and the subject, magic happens. And that’s exactly what this family paint photo session was- magic. Even though it was 3 years ago, I remember it like it was yesterday! Caitlin contacted me wanting to do something fun & crazy with her daughters. I suggested that they paint a canvas (and each other)! read more

Power Ranch Gilbert AZ Photographer Extended Family Kristen Carter_0024I photographed one side of this family in the desert as a surprise to Vanessa’s fiance (View that session here!). This time, it was Vanessa’s family’s turn to get the group together for a fun session with Tata and all of his kids! We photographed them at the Power Ranch lake on an overcast day, with tons of laughter and jokes. This family definitely knows how to have a good time, and always has smiles! At our reveal & order appointment, they all mentioned how much fun the photo session was and how they’ll always remember how easy it was. The best part for me as a photographer was knowing that each family selected favorite prints & canvases for their homes and will be able to see that day over and over again, even as the children grow and family members pass on. The moments are immortalized in prints forever. read more

Chandler AZ Breastfeeding BIG Latch On Kristen Carter PhotographyLet me preface this blog post with: I support moms. I support babies. I support moms feeding babies. With boobs, with bottles, with attachments, with formula, with breastmilk. I support them all. However, I breastfed all three of my babies (each one for varying lengths of time) and know the struggles that moms who choose to breastfeed go through. So, I am happy to support organizations that help moms feed their babies. The AZ Breastfeeding Bag Project is one of those groups; the ladies who volunteer their time are passionate about what they do and helping moms succeed on their journey to nourish their babies. August 1st-7th is World Breastfeeding Week and each year, “The Big Latch On” is planned to coincide with the week of awareness, promotion & celebration. This year’s event for the East Valley was held on the 1st at the downtown Chandler library. read more

Dr Seuss 1st Birthday Party Gilbert AZ Kristen Carter Photography (2)First birthday parties are always a huge celebration! And when the theme is Dr Seuss, it goes over the top. Deven’s Dr Seuss Pool Party birthday party was amazingly colorful, full of details and so much fun for all of his friends and family. His mom spent weeks gathering items and then putting it all together in their home, with printables from Etsy, turquoise, red & yellow pinwheels ordered online and Dr Seuss boardbooks that will be added to the boys’ book collection after the party. There was delicious food with cute name-tags and the main course was Grilled Cheese Truck, parked in the driveway. read more

Gilbert AZ Baby Child Photographer Kristen Carter Photography_0017Baby sessions don’t have a particular time minimum or maximum and we go with their flow, but in 15 minutes, I captured so many expressions and moments to mark Mr. A’s 6 month milestone, that we were done. 15 minutes of seriously adorable open mouthed smiles from one of the happiest babies I’ve ever photographed. I had spoken to mom in our pre-session consult and we planned our session around his happiest time of the day. This is just one way we try to stack odds in our favor when photographing little ones. Sometimes, no matter how much we plan and prep, babies aren’t just having it. Thankfully, this was not one of those times. Little A was giggling, grinning and interacting like a professional model! His open mouth smile had Mom & Gramma loving each photo even more than the previous one. Oh, and the feet! When he grabbed his toes and starting munching while laughing, we couldn’t contain ourselves, we were giggling as much as he was. Of course, I had to get mama in the photos too, and I love her smile so much!!  read more

Gilbert AZ Vintage Wedding Kristen Carter Photography

Amy & Victor celebrated a beautiful day surrounded by their family & friends at a gorgeously designed private home. The overall feel was shabby elegance and all of the details were fabulous. Vintage sofas flanked the tables, chandeliers hung with vintage string lighting throughout, and sequined fabric with shiny candleholders adorned the tables. These two lovebirds have taken their time to the aisle, stopping to have a few kids along the way and their entire family was celebrated throughout the ceremony & festivities. Their daughter was the perfect little princess and relished every bit of (well-deserved & adorable) attention that she garnered. The boys were just happy when they got to take off their ties, but they loved the unlimited soda & great music! The day started out with the girls getting ready in the house, and the gentlemen gathering in a 5th wheel out in the field. Amy presented her bridesmaids with beautiful kimonos in their favorite colors. The bride and groom were happy to have a “first look” so we lined up the kids in chairs so they were involved as well. A beautiful ceremony under the arbor, followed by a super fun reception, complete with mariachi music, an amazing dinner and a super fun photo booth rounded out a great day. read more

Things to Do in Gilbert AZ Pogo Pass Kristen Carter PhotographySchool is out, now what?? Besides swimming til you prune up and going crazy re-watching endless amounts of “Liv & Maddie”….  I’ve compiled a few of the things my family likes to do. Because my kids are up at the crack of dawn, we don’t mind doing outdoor activities in the AZ summer, but we are usually back to air conditioning before lunchtime. So, if you’re like us, there are some outdoor activities; but if you’re the type to enjoy the great indoors and the wonders of air conditioning, I got ya covered there too! read more

Gilbert AZ First Birthday Party Photographer Kristen Carter PhotographyThe family calls him Boss or Boss Man or Mister Boss, so it was only appropriate that he have a “Like a Boss” themed first birthday party at their home in Gilbert AZ. Mom styled the party using a color palette of black, white, silver & lime green, mixing stripes & polka dots to create interest. She scoured stores for weeks in advance, picking up things here and there (I even ran into her at Target’s dollar section where she found the beautiful faux succulent plants). Some of the highlights included a popcorn bar decorated with a cityscape backdrop, a “Like a Boss” banner and 12 images of little man (one for each month of his first year of life), a bounce house and a food truck! Plus, Superman made an appearance to create balloon animals for the kids! When guests first walked up to the house, tents & tables were set in the driveway, a pathway led to the gate with balloons, and a giant “1” made from snapshots taken over the first twelve months of Boss’ life welcomed them to the party. Then, the guest book table was set up with temporary mustache tattoos for their fingers, a basket to collect items for a time capsule (to be opened on his 18th birthday) and cards to leave him “wishes”.  read more

Chandler AZ Family Photographer Baby Boot Camp Kristen Carter Photography_0048

As I type this, Courtney & JR are snuggling their sweet new little one in their arms. She was born last night (a perfect Mother’s Day gift)! A huge congratulations to them and I cannot wait to meet (and photograph) her. Realized that I hadn’t typed up this post yet, so its perfect timing to share their maternity session photos. This was the next step in their “Watch Me Grow” plan of monthly belly sessions. In our design consultation, we decided that since the other sessions had been more casual (including one at home with the dogs), this one would be dressed up and out in nature. I crafted two different maternity gowns for Courtney to wear and the open field in Gilbert was the perfect setting! Congrats to the little family!!

read more

Baby Boot Camp Gilbert Chandler Kristen Carter Photography_0107A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending & photographing a class put on by Meredith of Baby Boot Camp Chandler South & Gilbert South out at Chuparosa Park in Chandler, AZ. The class was small that day due to Spring Break, but it was so much fun to watch! Meredith tailored the class to the moms and they ran, jumped, squatted, planked & smiled throughout their time. Babies were kept happy in their strollers and loved the movements of their mom in front of them, giggling and cooing when mama would dip down to tickle their toes or “punch” the air in front of the stroller. I remember those months (ok, years) of trying to lose my pregnancy weight, and trying to find a gym that had reliable baby-care or worry over fitting a class into nap schedule was so tough. That’s one of the best parts of these classes is that baby is right next to mom the whole time, and even being used as a weight for part of it! I asked Meredith a few questions so that moms in our area can learn more about her business!

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