Gilbert AZ At Home Photographer_0007So, Mondays suck. At least for most people. But not for Roman. Roman is hugely obsessed with garbage trucks, garbage men and all things refuse, recycling & rubbish, making Mondays (the day his family’s trash gets collected by the Town of Gilbert) the best day of the week. And, once a month, bulk trash pickup makes them even bigger and more exciting than regular pick up days. I had the pleasure of meeting Roman, his family & some awesome workers from the town a couple weeks ago when Roman was surprised with a big treat! Martin, the driver with Roman’s route stopped by with gifts & let Roman up in the truck and showed him how to pick up his can! He was as excited as gifts on Christmas morning or being surprised with a trip to Disneyland!

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When you’re 13 and starting high school, you hope that the friends you make will support you through the next 4 years, what you don’t expect is to still be the best of friends almost 20 years later. Through high school adventures, co-captaining the cheer squad, graduation, different colleges, and now marriage and babies, Jenn and I have been there for each other. We’ve got a beautiful core group of girlfriends that I compare to the Ya-Ya Sisterhood and I can only hope that our kids are just as good of friends as we are! I’ve been lucky enough to photograph Jenn & Rob’s engagement, wedding, maternity and now their beautiful newborn session. Baby M is the sweetest addition to their family and she brings so much joy to their lives. The session was planned to fit their home’s style of clean lines, fresh and bright. We used a combination of natural light in the nursery and off camera flash in the dining room with the big white wall. I love that we were able to incorporate a love of books, the sweet handmade blankets from 2 of the Ya-Ya Aunties and a beautiful floral halo in their newborn photos. Dr Seuss Newborn Photography Gilbert AZ read more

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As today is Star Wars day, what better day is there to share this adorable themed newborn session from earlier in the year? This awesome family wanted to do something different to welcome the newest member of their family. So, mom went on Etsy and found this adorable crocheted Yoda set, dressed the family in Star Wars shirts (and big sister in Leia hair), and we had a fun photo session in their home. THIS is why hiring a professional mobile photographer pays off, photos customized to your family, unique as you are!

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Splash Pad Photographer Gilbert AZ Kristen Carter PhotographyMiss S is such a cutie and her parents wanted a fun way to take her birthday photos this year, so we headed to a splash pad in Gilbert for some “splashy splashy” as she calls it! read more

Kristen Carter Photography Desert Gilbert AZ Family Photos_0018The following conversation has played out at least twice a month for as long as I’ve been a professional family photographer. The personal details & setting changes, but the words are always very similar.

Fellow Mom at Park (FMP): “So, what do you do?”
Me: “I’m a professional photographer, specializing in family & children’s portraits.”
FMP: “How fun! We need new family photos. It’s been sooooo long since our last session. I think our youngest was 4 months old. He’s 5 now.” read more

Twins Baby Shower Photographer in Gilbert Arizona_0018

Rakesh & Avani are expecting twins (very soon)! Their lovely family & friends threw them a baby shower to welcome their son and daughter, and it was splendid! read more

Extended Family Photo in Power Ranch, Gilbert AZ

Its been years since these sisters and their mom have all been in the same place at the same time. So when they had an extended weekend together in Gilbert AZ, they took advantage of their precious time and scheduled a fun photo session! It was obvious during our session that despite the distance between them, the sisters are close. Lots of inside jokes, teasing and joking over who is “Moms favorite”. read more

Paint Fight Family Photos Gilbert AZ_0007

When sessions are a collaboration between the photographer and the subject, magic happens. And that’s exactly what this family paint photo session was- magic. Even though it was 3 years ago, I remember it like it was yesterday! Caitlin contacted me wanting to do something fun & crazy with her daughters. I suggested that they paint a canvas (and each other)! read more

Power Ranch Gilbert AZ Photographer Extended Family Kristen Carter_0024I photographed one side of this family in the desert as a surprise to Vanessa’s fiance (View that session here!). This time, it was Vanessa’s family’s turn to get the group together for a fun session with Tata and all of his kids! We photographed them at the Power Ranch lake on an overcast day, with tons of laughter and jokes. This family definitely knows how to have a good time, and always has smiles! At our reveal & order appointment, they all mentioned how much fun the photo session was and how they’ll always remember how easy it was. The best part for me as a photographer was knowing that each family selected favorite prints & canvases for their homes and will be able to see that day over and over again, even as the children grow and family members pass on. The moments are immortalized in prints forever. read more

Chandler AZ Breastfeeding BIG Latch On Kristen Carter PhotographyLet me preface this blog post with: I support moms. I support babies. I support moms feeding babies. With boobs, with bottles, with attachments, with formula, with breastmilk. I support them all. However, I breastfed all three of my babies (each one for varying lengths of time) and know the struggles that moms who choose to breastfeed go through. So, I am happy to support organizations that help moms feed their babies. The AZ Breastfeeding Bag Project is one of those groups; the ladies who volunteer their time are passionate about what they do and helping moms succeed on their journey to nourish their babies. August 1st-7th is World Breastfeeding Week and each year, “The Big Latch On” is planned to coincide with the week of awareness, promotion & celebration. This year’s event for the East Valley was held on the 1st at the downtown Chandler library. read more

Dr Seuss 1st Birthday Party Gilbert AZ Kristen Carter Photography (2)First birthday parties are always a huge celebration! And when the theme is Dr Seuss, it goes over the top. Deven’s Dr Seuss Pool Party birthday party was amazingly colorful, full of details and so much fun for all of his friends and family. His mom spent weeks gathering items and then putting it all together in their home, with printables from Etsy, turquoise, red & yellow pinwheels ordered online and Dr Seuss boardbooks that will be added to the boys’ book collection after the party. There was delicious food with cute name-tags and the main course was Grilled Cheese Truck, parked in the driveway. read more