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Since last October, I’ve had the pleasure of photographing more than 25 classes for the awesome people at Arizona Goat Yoga. In doing so, I’ve met some amazing people, created so many fun photographs and gotten to know the owners & goats pretty dang well. They’ve had their story featured around the world, and I’ve had photos featured in some pretty cool places ranging from Cosmo & Glamour, to ABC15 to LDSLiving. The trend of Goat Yoga exploded after people realized just how fun it really is, and now there are hundreds of classes being offered. None of them compare to the classes offered right here in Gilbert, AZ though. Here are 5 reasons Arizona Goat Yoga is the best Goat Yoga in the world!

Goat Yoga in Arizona

Arizona Goat Yoga is the best in the world!

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Over the years, I’ve had some entertaining and interesting sessions, but this one involving newborn baby goats may just take the cake. It was oddly adorable and I absolutely loved every minute of it. The goats are 2nd generation Yoga Goats from Arizona Goat Yoga, owned by April Gould and taught by Sarah Williams. These two ladies offer super fun yoga classes in a Gilbert AZ field while mini goats run around and play (and happily jump/pose on participants’ backs). It’s a yoga experience like no other. I first photographed a class for them a few months ago, and found out about the pregnant mamas. Now, the baby goats are here!! There were 4 born, including a set of twins. I packed up my newborn studio set up (using older props & headbands that have been retired from use on human babies), and headed to April’s farm in Gilbert. We set up in her living room the way I would for a regular baby session, including my posing bag, props, and hats! We joked that the kids were at school, and here we were dressing up baby goats in hats & tutus. read more

Baby Boot Camp Gilbert Chandler Kristen Carter Photography_0107A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending & photographing a class put on by Meredith of Baby Boot Camp Chandler South & Gilbert South out at Chuparosa Park in Chandler, AZ. The class was small that day due to Spring Break, but it was so much fun to watch! Meredith tailored the class to the moms and they ran, jumped, squatted, planked & smiled throughout their time. Babies were kept happy in their strollers and loved the movements of their mom in front of them, giggling and cooing when mama would dip down to tickle their toes or “punch” the air in front of the stroller. I remember those months (ok, years) of trying to lose my pregnancy weight, and trying to find a gym that had reliable baby-care or worry over fitting a class into nap schedule was so tough. That’s one of the best parts of these classes is that baby is right next to mom the whole time, and even being used as a weight for part of it! I asked Meredith a few questions so that moms in our area can learn more about her business!

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When Power Ranch Living magazine told me that the March/April issue would be pet focused, I knew immediately that I wanted to find a family who loved their pets as family members. The Nemetz family adopted Red & Zoey from a rescue group and they think they are litter mates, but aren’t certain. What is for certain is that they are best friends, who have been through a lot, and are super loved by their non-furry family. We planned the photos to be at home, where the girls are most comfortable and able to be themselves. As a dog owner myself, I know that each dog has a distinct personality and these two definitely showed me theirs during our photo time. Both were so sweet, and listened pretty well. (Treats always help with the listening part). I had a hard time narrowing it down to my favorites to submit for the magazine cover and I’m really happy with the one photo Power Ranch Living chose as the cover image!

I’ve photographed the Janssen family before (for Power Ranch Living magazine’s Spring 2014 issue), and when Danielle mentioned  a conference speaker encouraged having professional quality photos on their website, I knew we needed to work together. Potential clients/customers/patients want to see the real business when they go to a website, not stock images and non-relevant design. So, in our consultation, we planned out a “morning in the office” where I would come in and photograph the ins & outs of the Janssen Family Chiropractic office in Queen Creek for a couple hours and update their headshots as well. As a patient of theirs, I have gotten to know them and I know that I am treated amazing, and almost as one of the family with every visit. But it was so neat to see that they are this way with EVERY patient. Kind, generous and just so darn happy, they make each day joyful and adjustments a pleasant experience. While creating the photos, I also shot a few video clips of the office and Dr Tony in action. Danielle and I worked together to assemble an inside look at their office and what a new patient might expect. If you are seeking a chiropractor in the East Valley/Gilbert/Queen Creek area, I HIGHLY recommend that you check them out. The website is, located at 22632 S Ellsworth Rd, Queen Creek, AZ 85142.

Derrick is getting ready to graduate business school and needed updated head-shots for applications and business cards, so we headed to downtown Gilbert to create some professional portraits. Usually the most challenging part of business portraits is making sure clients are relaxed but remain professional; Derrick was a little stiff at first, but he took direction easily making it a fun and easy session for both of us. It also helped that he has as zany of a sense of humor as I do, so my lame jokes actually worked for some laughs and genuine smiles. After we captured the professional photos, he changed clothes for a more casual look so that he could update his social media accounts and have a few nice portraits for his family. I also suggested that he might want to use a couple of the photos on his online dating profile, replacing the iphone selfies. (Ladies, he’s available if you’re looking!)