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When I started photographing classes for Arizona Goat Yoga, I did it because it was fun, outdoors and I get free goat snuggles. What I didn’t really realize was how many fun people I’d meet! These two lovebirds took a class, then contacted me a few weeks later to update their couple photos (with their 3 legged pup!) prior to their wedding this fall. She asked if we could go somewhere that didn’t look like AZ, a location with green, trees and reminiscent of him growing up on a farm. The amazing owners of the Goat Yoga field allowed us to use their property for photos and while we were there, their kids came outside with baby goats. So, of course, the triplet goats were snuggled in some photos too!! It was such a fun evening, and we created beautiful photos that this couple definitely won’t forget!!

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My little brother is getting married!! Jump for joy! He’s 7 years younger than me and the baby of the family. No matter how old (or tall) he gets, he will always be my “little” brother, and I will always think of him as the five year old, running around in Power Ranger underoos, jumping off furniture. Fast forward 20 years to now, he’s officially a grown up. Not sure how it happened, but a job, an awesome dog and a sweet girlfriend make him an adult! He met Amber and introduced her to all of us, she fits right in with our crazy family. In December, just before their first date anniversary, he asked me if I’d be up for taking their photos, he had something planned. After a few discussions and talk of “code words” and timing, a ruse was set. Amber had been wanting cute photos of the two of them anyway, so the timing couldn’t have been better. She and I planned the details of location, date/time, etc., he handled the important “prop” and making sure she didn’t find out.

The session started off just as any other, a few poses here & there, some silliness, sweet snuggles, etc. When we got to the arched tree, it was time. I exclaimed our code-word so that Kyle would know the light was perfect in the spot they were standing in, “Hey look, rabbits.” He didn’t clue in. So I said it again, a little louder and more emphatically…. “Look! Rabbits!” He realized what I was saying, pulled her close and whispered to her, then dropped to one knee. I was far enough away not to intrude on their moment, but still close enough to hear her ask, “Are you serious?! Are you serious??”

In her words, “He asked me if I would love him forever and not knowing what was happening next I joked with him and said “Nah, just a little while.” He then backed up and reached for his pocket as soon as I saw the ring box, I started crying and repeatedly saying “Are you serious?”  He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was so excited that I had to ask him afterwards if I even said yes. When we were dating, I had told him if he proposed to me, I would want someone to take pictures of it. I wasn’t sure how he would do it without me catching on, but he found the perfect way. It was by far the best day of my life!”

Congratulations Kyle & Amber, I am so excited to be welcoming a new sister into my life! 🙂

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Usually I’m full of words to fill a blog post, but I’m having a hard time coming up with the right ones to fit Jenn & Rob. She’s been one of my best friends since the first day of freshman year. We’ve seen each other through highs & lows, she’s “Auntie” to my kids, and I am beyond excited that she’s getting married next year! I actually hadn’t met Rob in person until right before our session, but he’s been in the background of Facetime conversations and phone calls for the last year, so it felt like we knew each other already. Ever since Jenn started dating him, I knew he was the one for her (even if she didn’t know it yet). Her voice changes when she talks about him, she gets a goofy smile on her face just telling stories, and after seeing them together and spending the weekend hanging out, I can say that he is just as enamored with her. They’re a perfect fit. Silly, fun, and supportive; I only wish them the best.

For their engagement photos, we went out to a really pretty park in Ripon, CA. The green areas are amazing despite the drought, and now that its October, the leaves are starting to change and Autumn is in the air! Jenn and I spent some time shopping for her outfits the day before (ok, really, we found the flowy top AND teal dress in about 10 minutes, then walked around the store catching up since its been months since we saw each other) and I love how they coordinate perfectly with the feel of the location. Their style was spot on for photos! I especially love the Star Wars shirts that they threw on for the last few photos. The props they selected were meaningful to them making it easy to tell their story. “Bride to Be” & “Groom to Be” Starbucks cups- Rob is from Washington and loves coffee, they’ve visited the flagship Starbucks store and had many dates including their first and their one year anniversary where Rob popped the question. Jenn got all crafty and made the adorable “Your Smile Makes Me Smile” sign, to represent one of their inside jokes (that even makes an appearance on their wedding invite). Funny enough though,  they forgot the frame at home and had to go back for it! All in all, I think the photos fit them perfectly. A collection of silly, sweet, romantic & geeky. So them. I can’t wait for the wedding! Its gonna be awesome!!!

Makayla contacted me to schedule a session while her deployed boyfriend, Ryan, was home on leave. They’d had a crazy couple days visiting with family & friends, and trying to fit everyone in, that they hadn’t had much time to be alone together. We went out to the Riparian Preserve (one of my favorite spots in Gilbert, thanks to its ever changing natural beauty) and had most of the park to ourselves on a lovely AZ evening. It was definitely a warm one, but looking at these photos, Makayla & Ryan never showed a drop of sweat, they just dripped love instead, haha. The outfits Makayla chose were perfect combinations of young, vintage, & trendy; and complemented each other perfectly. I love when a plan comes together perfectly! As we created their photos, I found out that though they went to the same school, they didn’t actually meet there; and that Ryan will be deployed for only another few months and then returns stateside to be reunited with his sweetie.  The following slideshow was created so that Ryan can view their photos since he was already gone when Makayla & I sat down for their order appointment. I have a feeling she’s gonna cry watching it, since this is my surprise to her as well. I wish you both nothing but love, and a quick few months apart!

Some of the photos from the slideshow, but better quality!(Don’t forget, you can “Pin” any photo on my site to Pinterest for later viewing)

<3 Kristen