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Since last October, I’ve had the pleasure of photographing more than 25 classes for the awesome people at Arizona Goat Yoga. In doing so, I’ve met some amazing people, created so many fun photographs and gotten to know the owners & goats pretty dang well. They’ve had their story featured around the world, and I’ve had photos featured in some pretty cool places ranging from Cosmo & Glamour, to ABC15 to LDSLiving. The trend of Goat Yoga exploded after people realized just how fun it really is, and now there are hundreds of classes being offered. None of them compare to the classes offered right here in Gilbert, AZ though. Here are 5 reasons Arizona Goat Yoga is the best Goat Yoga in the world!

Goat Yoga in Arizona

Arizona Goat Yoga is the best in the world!

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Twins Baby Shower Photographer in Gilbert Arizona_0018

Rakesh & Avani are expecting twins (very soon)! Their lovely family & friends threw them a baby shower to welcome their son and daughter, and it was splendid! read more

Chandler AZ Breastfeeding BIG Latch On Kristen Carter PhotographyLet me preface this blog post with: I support moms. I support babies. I support moms feeding babies. With boobs, with bottles, with attachments, with formula, with breastmilk. I support them all. However, I breastfed all three of my babies (each one for varying lengths of time) and know the struggles that moms who choose to breastfeed go through. So, I am happy to support organizations that help moms feed their babies. The AZ Breastfeeding Bag Project is one of those groups; the ladies who volunteer their time are passionate about what they do and helping moms succeed on their journey to nourish their babies. August 1st-7th is World Breastfeeding Week and each year, “The Big Latch On” is planned to coincide with the week of awareness, promotion & celebration. This year’s event for the East Valley was held on the 1st at the downtown Chandler library. read more

A sunny spring day in Gilbert AZ + 10 families + 1 photographer + non-profit organization geared toward supporting breastfeeding moms = $700 raised! I had the pleasure of partnering with the Arizona Breastfeeding Bag Project for their annual Spring fundraiser and it was a huge success! We spaced the 20 minute petite sessions throughout the day, in half hour blocks and set up the tent for check-in at the park area of the Riparian Preserve. Families were able to check in with the amazing Nikki, learn more about the project if they weren’t familiar already and get ready for photos without feeling rushed. A beautiful day, the flowers & trees blooming around us and lots of happy kiddos! Some moms decided to capture their breastfeeding relationship in photos, and others decided to play; either way, we got lots of moms (and one dad) in photos with their little ones. We wandered throughout the park, finding great light at every turn and any point of the day, capturing some sweet moments for these families. In addition to their session, each family receives a Mini Memory Brag Book, which I greatly enjoyed designing. Take a look at all the sweet designs next to each other, I can’t wait to get them printed and in their hands! In no particular order, my top 5 moments from the day: 1) Little dude in full superhero costume. I didn’t learn his real name until a hour after our session. He told me his name was “Robin”. 2) Laughing when a little guy’s pants got too wet and fell off! 3) The reaction of a few babies to my furry rug. Some loved it, and kept petting it, but one guy refused to let his hands touch it! 4) Laying on the grass on lunch break, staring at the sky with Nikki’s 3 year old. He became my buddy. 5) Creating memories for amazing families! And watching beautiful mommies enjoying the time with their little ones.


When you tell someone that you’re looking forward to going to your HOA’s annual meeting, they look at you like you’re crazy. The meetings are long, boring, full of hot air and lots of numbers, right? Not ours. Power Ranch in Gilbert has an amazing lifestyle team who puts so much effort into making the meeting fun for everyone! This year’s theme was “Super Bowl Continues” and they went ALL OUT for it! Hot dogs, nachos, cotton candy, bounce houses, and an awesome performance by the Higley High School Marching Band! For the second year, I was on hand to chronicle the fun and create some great images for the community website & magazine. These are just a few highlights of the night!

40 weeks of pregnancy, 12 hours of labor (that felt like years), and she was here. My first baby. The one who made me a mom. There was no question, no doubt in my mind that I’d breastfeed this baby. Its what my mom did, my mother in law did, my aunts did, my grandma did. So naturally, I fed my baby the way I assumed everyone did. What I didn’t know 10 years & 3 breastfed babies ago was that not everyone who chooses to breastfeed has it that easy. That sometimes nursing is a struggle. Sometimes moms don’t have the amazing family to turn to and ask questions, get advice and normalize it all. I remember going home with that bag of supplies from the hospital. The one marked “for breastfeeding moms” but held coupons, pamphlets and even a sample of formula put out as marketing from the formula companies. For a mom needing support, advice or knowledge, this bag would not suffice. Other moms made the same connection and that’s where the AZ Breastfeeding Bag Project was born. A group of moms realized there was a lack of bags geared just to nursing moms, made by nursing moms. They create these bags filled with information, reusable cotton breast pads, samples from Lansinoh, Earth Mama & Milky, local business info and coupons for breastfeeding products! All things to support a new mom on her journey to feed her baby naturally. The bags are distributed AZ wide to doulas, birth centers and hospitals.

In order to do all of this, they need funds. As a non-profit, they accept donations from families, or companies and set up events throughout the year to raise additional funds to cover the expenses. I am very excited to be partnering with them for a Spring Fundraiser on March 21st for a day of “Mommy & Me” photo sessions at the Riparian Preserve. For a minimum donation of $75 to the project, each client will receive a fun 20 minute photo session set in the beautiful park of the Riparian Preserve in Gilbert. Moms and babies (plus older siblings) will have time to snuggle, feed, cuddle, or just play in front of my camera. A beautiful 3″x3″ mini-memory book will be created from the session and provided to the client along with a gallery of web-sized watermarked digital images. Of course, a viewing appointment can be scheduled to order additional prints or larger books of the session. The sessions are open to any family who has breastfed, pumped, donated, accepted donor milk, or just plain supports breastfeeding mamas! Moms must be in the photos, and can include a nursing baby, nursing toddler, plus older siblings.

To reserve your session, please use this facebook event link: If you reserve your session (and pay the $25 retainer) prior to March 1st, you’ll also receive a beautiful 5×7 print of your choice. I can tell you that this is an amazing deal for beautiful photos that you’ll treasure forever! Any questions can be directed to me by using the Contact tab above!

**We are also looking for local businesses who would like to sponsor various parts of the event, or donate a small prize to our raffle! Businesses will receive a letter from the non-profit to be used for tax purposes. Please email me if you are interested in more information regarding sponsorship or donations!**


Read more about the project here: or on their facebook page:



Working & living in the Gilbert community of Power Ranch has some amazing benefits. I have the opportunity to photograph some really fun events put on by the community association! The latest awesome gathering of neighbors happened on Friday night, a showing of “Frozen” on a big inflatable screen at the pool area. A “Dive-In” Movie! The kids showed up in full force, ready for some fun & sing along awesomeness. Floaties, tubes & rafts filled the pool. Waiting for the sun to set, the kids sang “Let it Go,” ate “Summer S’Mores” (Marshmallows on pretzel sticks, dipped in chocolate & rolled in graham crackers), and played with the ice walls created by blocks of ice. Floating in the pool were glow sticks, which some kids (including my eldest daughter) took to mean that they got to collect ALL of them, haha. After the sun went down, the movie played, parents hung out poolside, kids floated and everyone had a great time! All in all, it was another enjoyable evening in Gilbert, AZ. Enjoy the slideshow of fun photos!! (If your family or child is shown in the slideshow, you can request a complimentary digital copy of their photo by emailing me using the “Contact Me” tab above. I’m happy to share these fun photos!)
A few of my favorites!

<3 Kristen

I’ve known these boys since they were 6 months old and I first moved to Mesa. We took them out for a silly shoot at the Mesa Arts Center, where I will always remember them crawling over each other, and pulling each other’s hair! We’ve gotten together a few times since, but now they are big boys, still full of spunk and energy, and off for a new adventure in another state. As a “see you later Arizona” shoot, I followed them around at Chandler’s Mayor Day of Play. They had so much fun, and so did I! Playing personal paparazzi always means candid shots, silly smiles, and great memories. Good luck in the new state boys (and mom), I’ll miss ya!
(There’s a very good chance that they’ll hate the center photo when they grow up, but mom loves it!)


<3 Kristen