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Contrary to popular belief, I don’t have a huge stash of newborn props. Lots of blankets, headbands, hats & a few baskets; but I prefer to keep photo sessions simple, focused on baby and instead incorporate props and items that have sentimental value to each family. This helps tell a story, and create an even stronger connection to your family’s photos. During our pre-session consultation, we’ll chat about some items that you can include and work together to style your session perfectly for your family. Want some inspiration on selecting items to include in your newborn session? And ideas on how to make it personal & unique? Here are 8 options…

1. Recreate a parent or sibling photo: These types of photos are fun to show the same pose with different generations of your family. Show me a photo of you or your spouse when you were a newborn and we can create a similar photo with your child. Or if you have another child and want us to use one of their newborn photos to recreate instead, that would work, too!

Newborn Photo with Family on Bed in Queen Creek AZ

Mom & Dad took a similar photo with big brother when he was a newborn, so we recreated the pose and added in the new family member.

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Baby safety, child proofing and infant care are topics that parents research when expecting. Learning the safety ratings of baby gear, how to install a car seat, or whether the items they’ve received as gifts are listed on the recall list tend to be of great importance. Something that parents don’t think to research though is newborn safety at a photo session. Most parents assume that a professional photographer is a professional for a reason, knows what they’re doing and trusts them to be safe with their child during photos. Want to know a secret? There is no specific safety licensing requirement for newborn photographers. Anyone who picks up a camera, starts a Facebook page and calls themself a “Professional Newborn Photographer” can legally do so. Because of this, parents need to educate themselves a little on the photography process, and be prepared to ask the right questions when hiring a Newborn Photographer. Newborn Safety Photo Session Composite Retouching

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Over the years, I’ve had some entertaining and interesting sessions, but this one involving newborn baby goats may just take the cake. It was oddly adorable and I absolutely loved every minute of it. The goats are 2nd generation Yoga Goats from Arizona Goat Yoga, owned by April Gould and taught by Sarah Williams. These two ladies offer super fun yoga classes in a Gilbert AZ field while mini goats run around and play (and happily jump/pose on participants’ backs). It’s a yoga experience like no other. I first photographed a class for them a few months ago, and found out about the pregnant mamas. Now, the baby goats are here!! There were 4 born, including a set of twins. I packed up my newborn studio set up (using older props & headbands that have been retired from use on human babies), and headed to April’s farm in Gilbert. We set up in her living room the way I would for a regular baby session, including my posing bag, props, and hats! We joked that the kids were at school, and here we were dressing up baby goats in hats & tutus. read more

 Chandler AZ Newborn Photographer

When it comes to booking your newborn’s photography session, there are a lot of questions about the process. If your new little one isn’t here yet, it’s hard to figure out a schedule. When do you call? How do you know what day to request? Do you wait until the baby has arrived or take care of scheduling before? Hopefully, I can answer some of your questions with this post.

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When you’re 13 and starting high school, you hope that the friends you make will support you through the next 4 years, what you don’t expect is to still be the best of friends almost 20 years later. Through high school adventures, co-captaining the cheer squad, graduation, different colleges, and now marriage and babies, Jenn and I have been there for each other. We’ve got a beautiful core group of girlfriends that I compare to the Ya-Ya Sisterhood and I can only hope that our kids are just as good of friends as we are! I’ve been lucky enough to photograph Jenn & Rob’s engagement, wedding, maternity and now their beautiful newborn session. Baby M is the sweetest addition to their family and she brings so much joy to their lives. The session was planned to fit their home’s style of clean lines, fresh and bright. We used a combination of natural light in the nursery and off camera flash in the dining room with the big white wall. I love that we were able to incorporate a love of books, the sweet handmade blankets from 2 of the Ya-Ya Aunties and a beautiful floral halo in their newborn photos. Dr Seuss Newborn Photography Gilbert AZ read more

As today is Star Wars day, what better day is there to share this adorable themed newborn session from earlier in the year? This awesome family wanted to do something different to welcome the newest member of their family. So, mom went on Etsy and found this adorable crocheted Yoda set, dressed the family in Star Wars shirts (and big sister in Leia hair), and we had a fun photo session in their home. THIS is why hiring a professional mobile photographer pays off, photos customized to your family, unique as you are!

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Growing families are always fun to work with, especially when I’ve photographed them before! We first met over a year ago when Alex’s extended family flew in from Kansas and we photographed everyone in the desert at Papago Park. Then, over the course of 6 weeks, we photographed Vanessa’s extended family  in 3 different sessions. Next year, I’ll be capturing their joyous wedding! Now that they’ve added a new baby boy, we marked the occasion with some new family photos and portraits of the kids together. That boy is already so loved. Big sister was overjoyed to assist me at the session, and was happy to share the spotlight with the baby. He was alert, and interested in everything we had going on, checking it all out instead of napping. There was no posing him like a froggy or taking naked baby photos, he was happiest with clothes on and awake! So, as always, we go with baby’s flow, and captured some great photos of him and his sweet family.

When a current client calls me to let me know that a new baby will be joining the family, I get as excited as I do when a close friend or family member tells me they’re expecting! I’ve had the fortune of photographing big brother D at 6 months and one year, so to get to watch little sister grow in front of my lens is a ton of fun! We planned her session to be fairly laid back since we weren’t sure how big brother was going to adjust to his new role in life. Simple backdrops, a few small props with sentimental value, and hopefully, we could encourage Mr D to hang around and get some sweet photos. What we weren’t anticipating was that he would jump feet first into his role as big brother, and LOVE the new baby. It was fairly easy to get him to take photos (well, as easy as anything is with a toddler), and helped that he already knew me from our previous sessions. We started with family photos outside, and then moved inside for the blanket setups. Miss E is a curious little one and was reluctant to sleep for photos; she preferred to get to know me and check out the action. Since she was awake, we captured less posed photos, and moved to a lifestyle approach with snuggles, books and nursery photos. Flexibility is always key when babies and toddlers are involved.

While baby was on a snack break, I chased Mr D around the upstairs, and have fallen in love with the black & white photos of his sweet & sneaky face. By far, though, the best shot of the day came after he and I played a game of Simon Says with his teddy bear. Since we were already in the silly mode, I laid baby on the furry rug, and we continued our game so that I could snap a photo of the two of them. The resulting image is priceless. Mr D & Miss E’s parents selected it as a canvas to add to their growing gallery wall of photos! I can’t wait to see how that wall develops over the coming years. (And of course, when I delivered the canvas, I had to take a quick iPhone photo because Miss E is life-size on it!) We also created some beautiful storyboards to add to the nursery decor!

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This family recently relocated to the lovely sunny city of Chandler, AZ from chilly Minnesota and I’m so happy that they did because I got to meet, snuggle and photograph their beautiful newborn girl Brianna. I always send out a prep sheet to my new parents with tips and tricks to help baby stay asleep during photos, and sleep she did! Milk coma for sure, so we posed and snuggled with little interruption or breaks. Throughout the photos, we incorporated a lot of mom’s ideas and customized the session to fit their style and baby’s precious pink & gold nursery. She sent me a Pinterest board prior to photos to give me some ideas of photos that she liked. (I don’t copy the photos directly, but I definitely draw inspiration from what is shown to me). Its also nice to include props that have meaning like the hand-made afghans & teddy bear that are now displayed in her room. It always adds an extra special touch to a newborn session. And since grandma was in town, we included her in the photos as well (I’m a huge fan of generation photos!)

Their order appointment was a lot of fun because I was able to create a custom announcement & storyboard for the family in addition to beautiful prints and this digital slideshow! Enjoy the sweet squishy pink sweetie photos!




“Fresh 48” Newborn Photo Sessions are done in the hospital room, when baby is less than 48 hours old and is often the first or second meeting of baby by older siblings or relatives. I went to Mercy Gilbert hospital this week to meet my newest client and congratulate her family!

After chatting with mom & dad, and snapping a few photos of their new addition, we heard a knock at the door. “Prunes please!” the little voice asked as he came bouncing into the hospital room. He didn’t ask for mommy, or daddy, or even baby sister, but for prunes! Dylan really wanted some of the ones that he knew mommy had on the nightstand. Grabbing the entire tub, he ran over and proudly showed them off to his new baby sister, asking if she could share with him. After learning that Evelyn was too little to eat a snack with him, he happily ate a few sticky treasures, and then held his hands out to hold the baby. Ever so gently (and with some help from his parents), big brother cuddled the new baby girl on his lap, telling her stories, and naming off her perfect little body parts. “Eyes, ears, hair, mouth, fingers…” Then, in typical 2 year old fashion, he’d get distracted by the TV or a plane outside. “What’s that?” Satisfied with an answer, he’d go back to naming parts of his sister, “Ears, nose, tummy…” This family of 3 had grown to a family of 4 and seemed to be settling in just fine!

The Pfeifer family grew by one beautiful family member this week, and I was lucky enough to capture some special memories for them while still at the hospital. Gramma, Dylan, Mom & Dad all took turns holding and snuggling the sweet newborn girl, a little over 24 hours old. Here’s her digital “announcement” to tell her story, and some favorite images shared under the video. Congratulations Pfeifer family! Looking forward to her newborn session this week!


Contact me today for more information regarding scheduling your own “Fresh 48” or newborn photo session! I can be reached using the “Contact” tab above, or by calling (209) 303-5318. <3 Kristen

Baby girl is a sweet new addition to this family and her big brother couldn’t be happier. Less than 2 years apart is often a difficult age gap because the older sibling doesn’t quite understand why they aren’t the center of attention anymore, but Mr N adjusted quickly and has become his sissy’s big helper and best friend. He clumsily gives her toys, tries to snuggle her and is happy to just sit quietly next to her while mommy or daddy hold little miss. Photo sessions with toddlers and newborns are often unpredictable, this one went smoothly. We used cereal puffs as bribery and big brother was super cooperative to get the photos that mom requested! His part only took a few minutes and then he was happy to run off and play while we photographed baby alone and with her parents. The best part of in-home photo sessions is letting the older siblings remain in their space while we work, and being able to incorporate the family home into photos. The piano belongs to mom and I loved the idea of baby laying on the bench to show just how little she is right now. (All safety precautions were taken, and baby was never left alone on the bench. It is a composite photograph.) Once the family viewed their photos, they decided on an 8×8 Storybook, a large wall print of their family & the sweet “Family” collage print for their family room, plus a set of beautifully printed announcements.

One of the coolest parts about custom photography is being able to fit a session to a family. To match their personality, hobbies and style preferences and show it off in their finished photos. After all, the final images are theirs to view and enjoy for years to come, so I want them to LOVE them! Kade’s family had some specific requests for his newborn session in Chandler, AZ which I was more than happy to work with. They wanted to include ASU, AZ Cardinals, and the military. Thankfully, not all into one photo! They also wanted to show off the beautiful nursery that they designed for their baby boy. There was a lot of thought put into each detail from the pegboard rack with baskets above the changing table, to the toolbox used as a diaper caddy, and chevron painted wall every detail was planned and executed beautifully to create a fabulous “boy” nursery. So when I came with my camera (and a few of my own blankets & props), we had a plan and mom had gathered some items from their home to use in the photos! Setting up in his nursery space, we created some “lifestyle” images of the family hanging out in the rocker, and Kade swaddled on the changing table or in the crib and then turned the room into the studio for the remaining photos. We utilized props of theirs to create more meaning to the images, and I think the photos turned out great!  Here are a few! <3 Kristen

Chandler Newborn Nursery Lifestyle Football ASU Simple Baby Photos Kristen Carter Photography_0017.jpg
Chandler Newborn Nursery Lifestyle Football ASU Simple Baby Photos Kristen Carter Photography_0018.jpg
Chandler Newborn Nursery Lifestyle Football ASU Simple Baby Photos Kristen Carter Photography_0019.jpg
Chandler Newborn Nursery Lifestyle Football ASU Simple Baby Photos Kristen Carter Photography_0016.jpg
Chandler Newborn Nursery Lifestyle Football ASU Simple Baby Photos Kristen Carter Photography_0020.jpg
Chandler Newborn Nursery Lifestyle Football ASU Simple Baby Photos Kristen Carter Photography_0021.jpg