This family recently relocated to the lovely sunny city of Chandler, AZ from chilly Minnesota and I’m so happy that they did because I got to meet, snuggle and photograph their beautiful newborn girl Brianna. I always send out a prep sheet to my new parents with tips and tricks to help baby stay asleep during photos, and sleep she did! Milk coma for sure, so we posed and snuggled with little interruption or breaks. Throughout the photos, we incorporated a lot of mom’s ideas and customized the session to fit their style and baby’s precious pink & gold nursery. She sent me a Pinterest board prior to photos to give me some ideas of photos that she liked. (I don’t copy the photos directly, but I definitely draw inspiration from what is shown to me). Its also nice to include props that have meaning like the hand-made afghans & teddy bear that are now displayed in her room. It always adds an extra special touch to a newborn session. And since grandma was in town, we included her in the photos as well (I’m a huge fan of generation photos!)

Their order appointment was a lot of fun because I was able to create a custom announcement & storyboard for the family in addition to beautiful prints and this digital slideshow! Enjoy the sweet squishy pink sweetie photos!




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