Myles First Birthday Cake Smash Kristen Carter Photography Gilbert AZ 7

I’ll be playing catch-up on this blog for a long time considering I’ve been photographing kids & families for almost 4 years now and have only JUST started sharing their stories and images here. This is one of my adorable nephews; We live a state away but I love being able to capture milestones in the lives of my family members. Mr M turned one, so in the Spring while I was visiting, we took him out to a local (to them) farm, played in the orchard and then borrowed the barn for a super fun cake smash!

Gotta love a baby who is stubborn and decides that walking is overrated. He could stand, step, but had no desire to actually walk when crawling was just as fast. And how cute is his “Kisses” shirt, while he blew us kisses?? One is such a super fun age!!

The cake smash trend is growing in Arizona, with more parents requesting it for the end of a first birthday milestone session. I always advise to pick a cake with white or pastel frosting; avoid red (makes babies look like vampires!) and be prepared for your child to totally question our sanity and just give us dirty looks if they’ve never been introduced to sweets or frosting before (it is a weird texture to squish)… We always bring a ton of baby wipes, an extra towel or two and sometimes even all of that isn’t enough!

Luckily for us, Mr M had NO problems digging right into his cake and getting both fists going. He devoured it, not just smashing but really eating it! I love my sweet chunky baby and cannot wait to see him again real soon.

Lots of love!

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