Extended Family Photo in Power Ranch, Gilbert AZ

Its been years since these sisters and their mom have all been in the same place at the same time. So when they had an extended weekend together in Gilbert AZ, they took advantage of their precious time and scheduled a fun photo session! It was obvious during our session that despite the distance between them, the sisters are close. Lots of inside jokes, teasing and joking over who is “Moms favorite”. Creating photos of grandma with each of her grandchildren (including the furry one) was super fun even though the littlest one wasn’t too sure about our adventure together. Her cousins helped by chanting her name over & over like she was the star of the show, and she soon opened up with smiles. Getting the other 5 to smile was easy though, these kids were just so happy to be playing together. We made things easy on the family and chose a park close to Tamara’s home in Power Ranch, full of trees & a shady spot for posing everyone. After going through our list of groupings and family combinations, the kids had a “posing showdown”! They each had a turn to shine and, man, they brought their A-game for sure! I’m biased, but I LOVE every photo. And I’ll definitely be adding their images to my “What to Wear” guide as a fantastic example of choosing a color palette for the family, and allowing each family member to exude their own style. The combination of patterns, textures, and accessories match who they are perfectly. At our ordering appointment, they understandably had a hard time narrowing down favorites, and selected a beautiful storybook for Grandma to be able to show off her gorgeous family to anyone who stops by in addition to some lovely wall art.



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