If I could pick up and move this location (& this family) to Gilbert, AZ I totally would. Filled with green trees & TONS of ivy, and those awesome wooden steps, I fell in love with this little corner of a park on my most recent visit to California. And this family, well, they are just awesome. The kids are adorable, hilarious and so fun to play with; mom & dad are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met and both have an awesome sense of humor. I think I smiled at our photo sessions as much as they did!! We always have a great time when we create their photos (we’ve been working together for 5 years now, crazy…) but I think these might just be my favorite photos of theirs. A session where they just enjoyed each others presence and truly lived in the moment to create something special… The kids played ring around the rosy, jumped up and down the steps, giggled & loved on mama and daddy.

I’m really excited to work with mom and put together an amazing wall display for their home! Its going to be gorgeous!!

For photographers curious on editing, this set (and the others from the same location) were edited using Jessica Drossin Textures “Autumn” overlay. Her entire line of textures are amazing for adding that extra “pop” to a set of photos.

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