I had the privilege of meeting this awesome family through a mutual friend. You can’t tell at first glance, but mom is a fighter. No, not MMA or boxing; she’s battling cancer and kicking its butt! When we sat down to talk about their session though, she didn’t want to incorporate it in their photos; the C-word already takes up enough of their energy that it didn’t need to be part of their photo session as well. She wanted to go out, have fun and make some great memories and photos to decorate their home with. So, that is just what we did. We met out at the Riparian Preserve in Gilbert (next to the Gilbert Library), its an amazing park that as you walk through, you forget that you’re in the middle of town. Little sister took a few minutes to warm up to me, but once she realized that I had my “magic smile-makers” (pink tic-tacs), then it was all grins and giggles! And big brother… man, oh, man. Mama & Dad are in for a load of trouble when the girls start knocking down their door. He’s got long eye-lashes that make me jealous, and such a charming personality! As for mom & dad, its apparent by the way they looked at each other, held hands and laughed over the kids antics, that these parents are so in love. Made me happy to create these images for them! And, seriously, check out the sunset that we got that evening! Ah-mazing! Just like them. Thank you M family for a beautiful and fun-filled photo session.

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