Gilbert AZ At Home Photographer_0007So, Mondays suck. At least for most people. But not for Roman. Roman is hugely obsessed with garbage trucks, garbage men and all things refuse, recycling & rubbish, making Mondays (the day his family’s trash gets collected by the Town of Gilbert) the best day of the week. And, once a month, bulk trash pickup makes them even bigger and more exciting than regular pick up days. I had the pleasure of meeting Roman, his family & some awesome workers from the town a couple weeks ago when Roman was surprised with a big treat! Martin, the driver with Roman’s route stopped by with gifts & let Roman up in the truck and showed him how to pick up his can! He was as excited as gifts on Christmas morning or being surprised with a trip to Disneyland!

Lisa Brennan, the Lifestyle Director for Power Ranch Community Association was the heart behind his big surprise and wrote the story for Power Ranch Living Magazine’s Fall 2016 issue:

Roman’s Most Excellent Garbage Adventures by Lisa Brennan

You know there is something magical about your first meeting when a wide-eyed, blonde-haired boy looks up at you with a charming smile and asks, “What day does your recycle guy come?” and he eagerly awaits for your response. It is like no other pick up line I had encountered before; it made me weak in the knees.

Roman Sexton, 5, is passionate about all things related to solid waste (as it’s called in the business) – garbage, recycling, and bulk trash. His dream is to grow up to be a “garbage guy” and drive a truck someday. Today he is content playing with his favorite toys: his garbage trucks, including a side loader, dumpsters, miniature recycle bins, and pint-sized garbage cans. As you would expect, when this little boy demonstrates how things are properly dumped and collected – he even supplies all the appropriate sounds.

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Roman’s mother, Anissa, said his love for garbage trucks began when he was six months old. The family would gather on their Phoenix patio to watch the truck go by. When the Sextons moved to Power Ranch, Anissa was concerned Roman wouldn’t have the same enchanting garbage moments, but that wasn’t the case!

Early Monday mornings, Dad Brian says he opens the sliding glass door while the kids are eating breakfast so they can listen for the truck. He said Roman is always the first to hear the rumbling in the neighborhood.

Martìn from the Town of Gilbert, drives his garbage truck up one side of Posse Trail and down the other to huge smiles and cheers of excitement from Roman (and sometimes his little sister Gracie, 2). Roman knows the drill. Recycle is picked up first, then garbage, and then on the first full week of the month, the bonus – BULK TRASH!

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If Dad’s home on garbage day the kids wait to watch the street pick up before they hop in the wagon and follow behind the truck like they are part of a parade. Mom says she is just an open-the-garage-door-and-watch kind of mom, she doesn’t follow along. However, she does get props because she takes the kids over to her mom’s house on Thursdays to wait for Hector to pick up Grandma’s garbage.

Brian said that one Monday he and Anissa made the mistake of scheduling a doctor appointment for Roman. When Roman found out they were going to miss the garbage guy he was so distraught Brian said it took a trip to the landfill to restore order in their home.

Brian said that he has no idea where Roman’s love for all things garbage comes from. “It is amazing to hear him talk about all different types of trucks and use all the correct terminology. He didn’t get it from me!”

Now that Roman is getting older, he is taking an even bigger part in the Sexton garbage brigade. On Sundays he reminds his Mom that tomorrow is garbage day. He also offers extra help by bringing the empty can into the garage. Brian said he taught Roman how to maneuver the barrel a few weeks ago. Roman puts his foot on the back of the barrel for leverage, gives it a little tug and rolls it up into place in the garage. When he is finished he gives the can a few little taps on the side for good measure.

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I bet Roman will grow up to be the kind of man you don’t have to ask to take out the trash. His wife is going to be one lucky lady… thanks in part to the Town of Gilbert Solid Waste Division.

And in case you are still wondering, my recycle guy comes on Thursday.


More photos of the fun Roman & his family had thanks to the town & Power Ranch Community Association.

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Even his little sister gets in on the garbage truck fun! 😉 And yes, her shirt does say “I <3 Garbage Trucks”.

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