A sunny spring day in Gilbert AZ + 10 families + 1 photographer + non-profit organization geared toward supporting breastfeeding moms = $700 raised! I had the pleasure of partnering with the Arizona Breastfeeding Bag Project for their annual Spring fundraiser and it was a huge success! We spaced the 20 minute petite sessions throughout the day, in half hour blocks and set up the tent for check-in at the park area of the Riparian Preserve. Families were able to check in with the amazing Nikki, learn more about the project if they weren’t familiar already and get ready for photos without feeling rushed. A beautiful day, the flowers & trees blooming around us and lots of happy kiddos! Some moms decided to capture their breastfeeding relationship in photos, and others decided to play; either way, we got lots of moms (and one dad) in photos with their little ones. We wandered throughout the park, finding great light at every turn and any point of the day, capturing some sweet moments for these families. In addition to their session, each family receives a Mini Memory Brag Book, which I greatly enjoyed designing. Take a look at all the sweet designs next to each other, I can’t wait to get them printed and in their hands! In no particular order, my top 5 moments from the day: 1) Little dude in full superhero costume. I didn’t learn his real name until a hour after our session. He told me his name was “Robin”. 2) Laughing when a little guy’s pants got too wet and fell off! 3) The reaction of a few babies to my furry rug. Some loved it, and kept petting it, but one guy refused to let his hands touch it! 4) Laying on the grass on lunch break, staring at the sky with Nikki’s 3 year old. He became my buddy. 5) Creating memories for amazing families! And watching beautiful mommies enjoying the time with their little ones.


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