First birthday photos celebrate a big milestone for a child (and his family)! It means the tiny baby stage has passed and the toddler stage is fast approaching. Mr K has been part of the “Watch Me Grow” plan, and I’ve been lucky enough to create his newborn photos3 month photos, and family photos at 9 months. Now, he’s a year old and taking on the world! He not only walks, but runs everywhere, has absolutely no fear of anything and has THE loudest belly laugh I’ve ever heard come out such a little body. We opted out of a typical cake smash session and decided instead to meet at Power Ranch’s Clubhouse area for some playtime in the grass and on the playground. The best part of these sessions is getting the natural smiles and laughter out of the kids because they are just having so much fun. We run, chase, play, tickle and chase some more. I swear that sometimes toddler sessions are better than going to the gym with a trainer! Throw in a big sister who’s less than 2 years older and we’ve got an awesome morning of photos. The funniest part of the session was when Mr K was determined to climb up the caterpillar ladder. (My kids call it that, its the curved climbing ladder.) He didn’t want anyone to help him, just to do it himself. He managed to get up on the first rung and then got stuck on his knees, hands on the 2nd rung. He still refused any and all help, Mr Independent. After a few seconds of struggling with leg positions, and a little boost from mama, he got free, and ran off as happy as could be! And, as a bonus for being extra good, little man got his usual snack and big sister got a super good pink donut! She was in heaven!

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