Miss A celebrates her 1st birthday next month, and her parents (and auntie) wanted to use some of our session photos for her invitations and decorations, so technically she’s only 11 months in these photos, shhh…. We had a blast! Her party is Mary Poppins themed, and mom found this amazing outfit on etsy to coordinate. The location is a gorgeous historical building in my hometown of Modesto and is open to the public during certain hours (for tours and visiting), and they were gracious enough to let us use the grounds and side of the mansion for our session. Isn’t it just perfect? A little bit of Merry Old England in sunny California. First birthday sessions are always exciting because every baby is different; some can sit, some stand, some will walk a few steps and sometimes, they take off running. Miss A was confident taking steps while holding on to daddy’s hand or a wall, but would freeze as soon as she was on her own. We had hoped that *maybe* she’d take her first steps in front of my camera, but all we got was one shaky step and a plop on the ground even with mama bribing her with a cell phone (baby’s favorite toy!). The session ended with an entertaining cake smash. Grandma picked up cupcakes from a local bakery and Miss A was dressed in a cute tutu & matching onesie, and everyone was ready for a smashing good time. Ha! She proved us all wrong. Not all babies appreciate super sweet frosting or the foreign texture on their hands. Dad helped her out by eating the frosting, Mom broke it up into pieces and fed it to her, making for a happy baby! I especially love the photo of her serious face covered in frosting. So cute! Happy Birthday Miss A!

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