“Fresh 48” Newborn Photo Sessions are done in the hospital room, when baby is less than 48 hours old and is often the first or second meeting of baby by older siblings or relatives. I went to Mercy Gilbert hospital this week to meet my newest client and congratulate her family!

After chatting with mom & dad, and snapping a few photos of their new addition, we heard a knock at the door. “Prunes please!” the little voice asked as he came bouncing into the hospital room. He didn’t ask for mommy, or daddy, or even baby sister, but for prunes! Dylan really wanted some of the ones that he knew mommy had on the nightstand. Grabbing the entire tub, he ran over and proudly showed them off to his new baby sister, asking if she could share with him. After learning that Evelyn was too little to eat a snack with him, he happily ate a few sticky treasures, and then held his hands out to hold the baby. Ever so gently (and with some help from his parents), big brother cuddled the new baby girl on his lap, telling her stories, and naming off her perfect little body parts. “Eyes, ears, hair, mouth, fingers…” Then, in typical 2 year old fashion, he’d get distracted by the TV or a plane outside. “What’s that?” Satisfied with an answer, he’d go back to naming parts of his sister, “Ears, nose, tummy…” This family of 3 had grown to a family of 4 and seemed to be settling in just fine!

The Pfeifer family grew by one beautiful family member this week, and I was lucky enough to capture some special memories for them while still at the hospital. Gramma, Dylan, Mom & Dad all took turns holding and snuggling the sweet newborn girl, a little over 24 hours old. Here’s her digital “announcement” to tell her story, and some favorite images shared under the video. Congratulations Pfeifer family! Looking forward to her newborn session this week!


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