Mr K is one of our “Watch Me Grow” babies, and he’s 9 months old now! He’s a super fast crawler, pulls himself to standing on just about every surface and has no fear at all! We’d set him on the bench and he’d try to look over the edge at the ground below. (Needless to say, mom’s arm has been digitally removed from all of the photos of him alone). Since he was due for his 9 month photos, the whole family got in on the action and we had a ton of fun out at the Riparian Preserve. The leaves are starting to change, bringing Autumn to the desert. It was a fabulous morning aside from the mosquitoes and we walked the trail to find fun little spots while saying hi to all of the other visitors enjoying the park. Mr K & Miss E were fascinated by how many dogs were passing by, and as luck would have it, both smiled huge whenever one would walk by. Made getting the smile-y photos that much easier! Big sister has been in front of my camera since her time in the belly, and has no problem hamming it up now! I love her sass and sparkle. She’s a mischievous little one! I can’t wait to see these printed and hung in their home…. Going to make a great addition to their growing wall of photos!

PS- The last family photo is an out-take that just cracks me up. Mom & Dad are smiling and have no clue that the little one has kicked his shoe off and that the big one is less than interested in smiling for me! 😉

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