Growing families are always fun to work with, especially when I’ve photographed them before! We first met over a year ago when Alex’s extended family flew in from Kansas and we photographed everyone in the desert at Papago Park. Then, over the course of 6 weeks, we photographed Vanessa’s extended family¬† in 3 different sessions. Next year, I’ll be capturing their joyous wedding! Now that they’ve added a new baby boy, we marked the occasion with some new family photos and portraits of the kids together. That boy is already so loved. Big sister was overjoyed to assist me at the session, and was happy to share the spotlight with the baby. He was alert, and interested in everything we had going on, checking it all out instead of napping. There was no posing him like a froggy or taking naked baby photos, he was happiest with clothes on and awake! So, as always, we go with baby’s flow, and captured some great photos of him and his sweet family.

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