We skipped the cake smash for this first birthday session and instead decided to play with some of D’s favorite toys in downtown Gilbert. At one year old, this boy is running, throwing balls and playing with trucks. It took him a few minutes to warm up to the camera (note the serious face next to his truck). But he loves his puppy pal and splashing in the water! And, as his mom discovered the week before our session, his favorite snack is apples! Their backyard apple tree was overflowing, so buckets were picked, applesauce was jarred and I even lucked out with a grocery bag full of the delicious home-grown treats. My fave images of his session are the ones with the apple juice dripping down his chin and arms! Such a yummy memory to capture! And since it is summertime in AZ, we had to wash him up in the downtown splash area! He giggled his way clean!

I can’t wait to photograph D & his parents again! 🙂

<3 Kristen

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