I’m part of an awesome group of photographers who support, inspire and entertain each other through the wonder of social media. We are spread out all over the US (and Canada), and when one member suggested that we do a monthly blog circle, I was excited. So for the next 12 months, we will be interpreting a new theme of “What ________ looks like” to each of us. The theme varies month to month and once you finish reading one photographer’s blog (and adoring all of their photos, you click on to the next one!) Its a fun NEW way to expand our stories and creativity each month. I plan on using the blog circle to write a little more about my family life, and not just about clients and how cute their sweet babies are. 😉 This first month’s theme is “What New Looks Like”….

January always starts out so new. A new year, new goals, new adventures. A fresh start, a clean slate. So it’s only appropriate for someone to start a new business venture in January (and this time, its not me). My oldest daughter is 10 and has been wanting to earn her own spending money for a while now. Combine that with an insatiable love of baking, and my little entrepreneur came up with “Doggy Treats, Puppy Sweets,” baking “pup-cakes” for family & friends’ dogs. Baked like real cupcakes, they use ingredients safe for dogs. She took on the task of researching ingredients, budgeting her business expenses vs profits, doing the shopping (using the Christmas money given to her by grandma), and deciding on her recipes. Apron on, she started baking; our dogs were thrilled!

It fills my heart with joy to see her so immersed in something she truly enjoys and really only needs my assistance once or twice through the process. The rhythm of the mixer, the giggling of sisters decorating the finished treats, music to a mom’s ears. I am in awe of how fast life has gone by, my children growing up before my eyes. In the everyday routine of things, there are moments that I just stop, catch myself thinking of it. Remembering the chubby little fingers trying to wipe the icing off the spoon when I’d set them up on the counter to “help” as toddlers. Having to pull up a chair or stepstool just so she could reach the counter and stir a bowl. Listening to a thousand questions as I cook dinner, and trying my best to remain patient and answer them all. Now, here she is, doing it all herself. She happily jots orders down in her little notebook and fulfills her orders over the weekend. I don’t know how long this venture will last, but for now, its new, its fun and she is very excited about it all.

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