Paint Fight Family Photos Gilbert AZ_0007

When sessions are a collaboration between the photographer and the subject, magic happens. And that’s exactly what this family paint photo session was- magic. Even though it was 3 years ago, I remember it like it was yesterday! Caitlin contacted me wanting to do something fun & crazy with her daughters. I suggested that they paint a canvas (and each other)! When we discussed clothing options, we knew that solid white shirts and jeans would provide a perfect blank canvas for painting each other and I LOVED Caitlin’s addition of Converse sneakers to match the paint colors. She said that they would be hanging the finished art in the playroom, so bright colors were a must! We met out at in the desert near Silly Mountain, with supplies of non-toxic washable paint, a big canvas, some brushes & jars to contain it all, plus LOTS of baby wipes, towels and cleaning supplies to make sure that we didn’t leave any mess behind. (Mom also had a change of clothes packed and ready for them to change before driving home, though I expect the bathtub was still very colorful that afternoon!) The girls were nervous at first about painting outside and painting each other, but soon enough they got into it and were enthusiastic artists, making a beautiful canvas to hang in their home, then painting mom! Her oldest daughter had so much fun with their “sword fight” moments that she had me laughing while behind the camera.  The experience was extremely memorable and they’ll have photos & wall art to remember it all by forever. Watch the slideshow or scroll through the photos to see more of this super fun family photo session! And then, contact me to schedule your own consultation to discuss any crazy ideas you might have for family photos! You know I’m up for it!


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