Baby girl is a sweet new addition to this family and her big brother couldn’t be happier. Less than 2 years apart is often a difficult age gap because the older sibling doesn’t quite understand why they aren’t the center of attention anymore, but Mr N adjusted quickly and has become his sissy’s big helper and best friend. He clumsily gives her toys, tries to snuggle her and is happy to just sit quietly next to her while mommy or daddy hold little miss. Photo sessions with toddlers and newborns are often unpredictable, this one went smoothly. We used cereal puffs as bribery and big brother was super cooperative to get the photos that mom requested! His part only took a few minutes and then he was happy to run off and play while we photographed baby alone and with her parents. The best part of in-home photo sessions is letting the older siblings remain in their space while we work, and being able to incorporate the family home into photos. The piano belongs to mom and I loved the idea of baby laying on the bench to show just how little she is right now. (All safety precautions were taken, and baby was never left alone on the bench. It is a composite photograph.) Once the family viewed their photos, they decided on an 8×8 Storybook, a large wall print of their family & the sweet “Family” collage print for their family room, plus a set of beautifully printed announcements.

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