Cailynn is the little sister in this family, and has been in front of my camera since she was just a bump in the belly. Now, she’s turning 2 and is fairly obsessed with Sesame Street and Elmo! It was only appropriate that we incorporate her current favorites into her birthday photos! So, I rounded up my son’s plethora of Sesame Street mini-stuffies and headed over to the lake at Power Ranch in Gilbert for some fun with the birthday girl.

Mom says she’s a bit of a diva, lol, but I think that she’s just shy. It always takes a few extra minutes for the shy ones to warm up, so I give them space, let them play and snuggle with mama and they usually let me know when they’re ready for photos. The worst thing to do with quiet ones is be super loud, in their face or force them to take photos before they’re ready.

Cailynn’s polka dotted Elmo dress was handmade by her gramma and embroidered by her ├╝ber-talented mom Jessie of Sew Simple Dimple Designs! She also custom embroiders the cutest stuffed loveys for her customers.

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