Springtime in Mesa evokes images of green grass, breezy trees, cloudy blue skies and photo sessions with babies in milk-crates…. Wait? What? You don’t picture babies in milk-crates when you think of Spring? Well, we did! Mr K is enrolled in the “Watch Me Grow” plan and every few months over his first year, we will create portraits that capture his current age/stage. You can see his fun lifestyle newborn session here. This 3 month session meant smiles/giggles when prompted,  eye contact and lots of personality. It also meant that he wasn’t big enough to sit, roll or crawl, so we plopped him in the milk-crate and on the fuzzy rug by the pond at Freestone Park for his photos. We heard and saw the ducks with their little ducklings in tow, watched the clouds pass by and snuggled with this adorable baby, making some cute photos for his family.

During their pre-session consultation, mama also mentioned that she really wanted a sibling shot of Big Sister and baby. The first few weeks after baby was born were rough on Miss E, and we didn’t get “the” shot at his newborn session; 3 months has passed, and she’s warmed up to him, decided she’ll keep him around, and even helps to comfort him when he cries at home. There were lots of  kisses during our time together, some hugs and a few hilarious moments when she was asked to “hold” him. (Mom actually had a hand on him the whole time, since 1 year olds aren’t the easiest with babies). But we definitely got a few great ones! Photos to treasure as they get older, especially the one of her crying with him in her lap. As a reward, I gave sister a marshmallow flower (bribery always works on toddlers), asked her run to the top of the hill and chased her with my camera, capturing some cute ones of her alone. Looking forward to photographing him again at his next milestone: sitting up! 🙂

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