Candid kid photo with smiling twinsIf, like most children, yours hate sitting still for longer than 2.2 seconds or posing for the camera, have no worries or fears for your photo session. We will work together to get beautiful photos of your children or family. When kids don’t want to cooperate, sit & pose, we roll with it. It is my job to create situations where your child can relax and candidly bring out their personalities. Many times parents end up ordering the candid personality shots instead of the posed ones, but there are times that you want the “looking at the camera, smiling, true personality shining” photo. The one that makes you say, “Yes! This is my child, right here, right now.”

Kids are completely unpredictable. They can be so easy going and laughing uncontrollably one minute, and the next minute, turn that charm off completely. They will typically smile for you all day long until you put them in front of a camera, then they freeze up like a deer in headlights. We want to avoid the gritted teeth and bug-eyed forced smiles during the posed parts of our session and create a fun space that every moment is joyful and a representation of them.

Some tips and tricks to guarantee successful semi-posed photos in addition to the fun candid images:
-You can send me a short list of the things your child thinks are funny prior to the session (this almost always includes fart noises, because those are hilarious at any age).

-You can also fill me in at our pre-session consultation on the kinds of shows they watch, music they listen to, favorite story, etc. This will give me a starting point to talk to them about.

-Feel free to practice phrases at home to see which ones will evoke the best smiles from your child. (Please, oh please, avoid “Say cheese!” unless that really works for you child.)

-For little ones, if there is a song that your child loves, load it up to your phone and bring it along with you, or be prepared to sing it for them during the session.

-And for those that are old enough for it to work on (usually past 2.5) prepare a bribe, umm, I mean a treat (such as a toy, a special snack, or ice cream after the session, etc) This can be used as a reminder during our time together.

Most of all though, don’t stress out. If you start to get anxious, antsy or over-hype things, they’ll stress out and freeze up, creating awkward photos. If everyone remains calm, and truly enjoys themselves, it will shine through in the finished photos that you display in your home!

These twins warmed up quickly and enjoyed showing off their full range of personality throughout our time together. We brought along some bubbles to the session as their reward (and it doubled as an adorable “prop” to finish off the session! Most of their images are semi-posed and shine a light on their real selves, which Mom adored and proudly displays in their living room. They ended up with one of the largest gallery walls we’ve created at over 7′ long and 2 feet tall.

Family photos at Mesa Arts Center Candid child photography at Mesa Arts Center Candid kid photographs at Mesa Arts Center Candid child and family photos at Mesa Arts Center Smiling laughing family with twins at Mesa Arts Center Candid kid photos with bubbles at Mesa Arts Center

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