One of the best parts of living & running a business in a community as close as Power Ranch is getting to meet neighbors and create beautiful photos for them! The Fuller family met me out at the Clubhouse Lake on a rather humid morning for some fun. It was a session for the kids: Their middle girl had just turned 2 and wanted to show off her adorable tutu, the youngest is at the fun age where she smiles on cue and their oldest celebrated his fifth birthday and was totally game to ham it up for the camera!

Trying to get 3 kids to cooperate for photos is a magical game requiring patience, skill and a huge sense of humor. We’d get all 3 settled into position, snap one photo and the 2 year old would jump up and RUN! There are quite a few out-takes of her just running out of frame. But, sure enough, we got a winner.

The greatest miracle of all though, happened with the family shot. Mind you, I’ve done hundreds of sessions with family groupings. It almost always involves multiple poses, multiple photos (and sometimes a little help of photoshop) to get that ONE great shot. It was the end of the session, we decided to grab one quick shot of the whole group since everyone looked so nice; and whatever came out of it, it would be fine. We are still amazed by the awesome smiles that all the kids showed off for that one photo. I only shot 3 frames and all were gorgeous! And its going to look beautiful framed and hanging in their home! Plus, check out the cute storyboards that mom had me design to go in their dining room to replace last years!

(I had to share one of the running out-takes. 2 year olds are awesome!!)

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