Its almost the end of January and everywhere around is brown. The trees in AZ have finally dropped their leaves (didn’t you know that fall comes after winter in Gilbert?), and most of the grasses & desert wildlife lay dormant and beige. I have been organizing files, cleaning up the computers and came across this beautiful maternity session from a few years back. Jessie is a gorgeous girl, and with her growing belly, was absolutely glowing. We went out to the Riparian Preserve on a beautiful afternoon to capture the final weeks of her second pregnancy. She is one of the tiniest mamas I’ve had the pleasure of photographing and even though she was about ready to pop, her belly was just a bump! It is recommended to schedule a maternity session between 32 & 38 weeks so that the pregnant belly is big but mom is still comfortable to move around. Every mom is different though. Some are bigger earlier and some are tiny throughout; we capture the details as they naturally happen of course! She picked wildflowers, walked around in the sunshine and we had a blast! I still love the outfits we collaborated on for her session, very country chic with the dress & boots, plus still comfy enough to move  and pose in! Hopefully this little pop of color brings some sunshine to your Winter’s day as it did mine!

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